Company Vance Group  
  The Vance Group of companies is a diversified and financially strong business group headquartered in Singapore. Our companies are involved in manufacturing and trading operations. We have a combined staff strength of more than 90 employees spread across three facilities in Malaysia and Singapore.  
Vance is proud of its financial strength and sees this as a competitive advantage that provides its customers the assurance that they are working with a reliable counterparty and supplier. We are fiscally conservative and have financially strong shareholders who have long-term investment horizons. The Group is in a strong net cash position and is thus able to enter into large contracts with customers who may demand customized solutions. Some of these solutions require fixed prices or indexation of prices that necessitate significant hedging activities in the paper and physical markets.

Our corporate headquarters is in the central business and financial district of Singapore where we have close proximity to our trading partners, global financial institutions and service providers.
The management team is made up of highly qualified individuals with diverse work experiences, strong academic backgrounds and previous careers employed in positions of leadership. The team brings with them specialized skills and management experiences necessary to create, acquire, sustain and grow businesses, coupled with a relentless focus on maximizing shareholder value. It is towards these goals that the management team strives to achieve in both its daily actions and long-term strategic vision.

Central to the achievement of our corporate goals and objectives are the individual skills and abilities of our senior operational and technical teams across our various businesses. These teams comprise seasoned professionals with decades of combined experience in their respective fields of expertise. We would not be able to execute our corporate strategies if not for the capabilities and dedication of these core managers and each member of their teams within the organization.
The Vance Group had its beginnings as one of the first large-scale biodiesel producers in Southeast-Asia. We then expanded into the production of pharmaceutical-grade refined glycerin which is being exported to more than 55 countries worldwide with applications in various industries. With our experience in palm oil processing and deep capabilities in process design and engineering, we developed FORTRIENOLTM (a Vitamin E concentrate derived from palm oil) through our in-house R&D efforts. In 2009, we diversified into branded industrial and consumer chemicals manufacturing and distribution via the acquisition of the Mr McKenic® product lines and manufacturing facilities in Singapore.

We have been successful at growing and integrating our businesses across various industries by leveraging the depth of our collective knowledge and experience. We will continue to grow our portfolio of companies and product lines both organically and through the acquisition of complementary businesses.
The development of proprietary technologies is at the heart of how we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. Although some companies regard R&D as an afterthought in reaction to competition, we see it as a basic core competency and have invested substantially in this area. It is our strong focus on R&D and technological innovation that was integral to the successful creation of new business units internally. Our in-house R&D capabilities enable us to expand our product lines and continually improve our current products. Our technical knowledge and resources also allow us to customize our products to cater to the specific needs of our customers.

Our strength in R&D is complemented by a strong quality culture across our businesses. We invest heavily in quality management systems and seek to adopt best-in-class practices throughout the production, storage and logistics processes. This is evidenced by our investment in top-of-the-line quality testing equipment and the quality certifications achieved by our businesses such as ISO 9001, as well as GMP and HACCP certifications for our food grade products.