In December 2009, Vance Chemicals Pte. Ltd. acquired the Mr McKenic® brand and its associated R&D and manufacturing facilities from Isochem International Pte. Ltd. The business was started in 1999 and has been selling a wide range of products worldwide under the Mr McKenic® and Mrs McKenic® brand names. Its flagship product, the 9-in-1 Technology Oil, was specially formulated to meet the increasing demand for a safer, easy-to-use, non-flammable aerosol, penetrating lubricant with corrosion inhibiting action. The 9-in-1 Technology Oil gained a wide following of users who found it to out-perform all other competing aerosol lubricants in terms of effectiveness, value and most importantly, fire-safety. Building upon this strong initial success, the Mr McKenic® brand was extended to other products for use both in industry and at home – with special focus on applications in maintenance and cleaning.

Today, the Mr McKenic® brand encompasses a wide-range of popular products that clean, wash, disinfect, degrease, lubricate, polish and protect both at the workplace and at home. Mr McKenic® product formulations are created through extensive in-house R&D that combines our technical expertise with a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements. And to ensure the highest quality standards for our products, these unique formulations are proudly manufactured in our own production facility in Tuas, Singapore by our skilled production personnel. With a rapidly expanding global distribution network, Mr McKenic® can now be found in the UK, Europe, USA, China, S.E. Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

As one of the fastest growing companies in South East Asia, we pride ourselves on our strong heritage in providing quality, effective and competitive solutions to our customers around the world. We care about the surroundings we operate in and our ISO14001 certification is a testament to our commitment to protecting our environment.

We are Solutions You Can Count On!

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